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Flammability Halogen
Design Construction Available Sizes
Expandable braid (1:2) with high mechanical protection; ideal protection from cut-through   -70°C to +125°C
(-94°F to +257°F)

Material: Nylon and polyester

Color: Black

3 to 51 mm
(1/8" to 2")
Tubular woven sleeve with outstanding mechanical protection; ideal for hydraulic hose protection   -20°C to +125°C
(-4°F to +257°F)

Material: Nylon

Color: Black

19 to 70 mm
(3/4" to 2-3/4")
Wrappable woven sleeve with outstanding mechanical protection; hook and loop closure system allows for quick and easy installation   -20°C to +125°C
(-4°F to +257°F)

Material: Nylon

Color: Black

13 to 51 mm
(1/2" to 2")
Self-wrapping sleeve with strong mechanical protection and outstanding flame resistance; quick and easy installation on cables. A version supplied with an adhesive allows to locate the protection on the application and insure closure. FMVSS-302, Test Method D45 1333, Self-extinguishing Type B -70°C to +125°C
(-94°F to +257°F)

Material: Polyester

Color: Black, white, orange, and blue

5 to 62 mm
(3/16" to 2-3/8")

Self-wrapping sleeve with good mechanical protection; soft to the cable structure.

roundit 2000 fr

NF 16 101-16102: I2 F2
DB DIN 5510 §2 & 54837: S4, SR2, ST2 EN 45545-2 R22:HL3 R23:HL3 NFPA 130: ASTM E-662 and ASTM E-162
-50°C to +150°C
(-58°F to +302°F)

Material: Flame retardant Polyester

Color: Black

5 to 50 mm
(3/16" to 2")
Provide good fluid resistance and are ideal for sealing, connecting, and finishing cut ends. Also available with fiberglass reinforcement for increased mechanical strength. FAR 25 § 853   - 60°C to + 250°C
(-76°F to +482°F)

Material: Unsupported or supported with fiberglass silicone tapes

Color: Black and red

Maximum elongation ranges from 200% to 500%.  Multiple widths and thicknesses available.
Expando, ProGard, ProGard Wrap